Time to Upgrade Your Recruiting Strategy

Contingent Vs. Consultative

By: Jonathan Reynolds


The traditional contingent recruiting model has been around for a long time. Does it work? Of course, it does. So if it’s not broken, why fix it? This can be answered in three words: Overrun, Overdone, and Overpriced.

When you hear someone say “O” it can either mean they’re confused or they’ve had an epiphany. Let me explain.

Overrun. There is no shortage of contingent staffing companies in today’s business landscape. They are a dime-a-dozen. In most cases, having an excess of something is typically a positive thing. You don’t hear anyone in the office complain if there’s an overabundance of donuts or cookies in the kitchen. However, when it comes to working with multiple contingent recruiting firms on a difficult search, this becomes a recipe for disaster. Why? You are ‘watering down’ your company’s brand in the marketplace through inconsistent messaging. Let’s face it, a contingent recruiter doesn’t care about your company’s brand, they only care about getting a finder’s fee.  In most cases, they’ll say whatever they need to say to close the deal.

Overdone. No one likes burnt toast. Contingent recruiting firms heavily rely on job boards and pricey online postings rather than hunting for top passive talent. What kind of result will this get you? In most cases, you’ll have multiple contingent recruiters talking to the same candidates about the same position. That’s a bit redundant, isn’t? Although job boards and online postings are a part of a good recruiting strategy, the way contingent recruiters depend on them is frankly overkill.

Overpriced. Have you ever looked up the definition of contingent? This is what good ‘ole Webster has to say on the word’s meaning:

  • Likely but not certain to happen
  • Not logically necessary
  • Happening by chance or unforeseen causes
  • Subject to chance or unseen effects

Need I say more? Even if you did get a result, why would you pay for something like this? Unfortunately, most company’s talent acquisition functions have been brainwashed into thinking that a 25%-30% fee is a necessary cost for top talent. This is just plain deception.

So what’s the alternative?

A New Approach: Consultative Recruiting

The word Consultant comes from the latin word consultare which means to discuss. In definition, a Consultant is someone who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area. Titus is Changing the Face of Recruiting through starting a discussion, all-along giving expert advice, and ultimately providing a superior result.

So why is our approach better? Just watch and C… Our unique recruiting model is Compelling, Collaborative, and Cost-Effective.

A Consultant is not only able to give sound advice but can accurately foresee potential difficulties. This is exactly why we hire non-traditional, salaried recruiters who ‘hunt and prey’ NOT ‘pray and wait’ for top talent!

Compelling. When we kick-off a search with a client, our goal is to establish a partnership. We don’t try to sell you on a candidate or even sell you on our unique process. Our chief aim is to thoroughly understand your company, culture, and compensation structure. At the end of the day, top talent want to love the company they work for, fit in the culture, and to be compensated fairly for their contributions. We thoroughly capture this information, establish candidate selection criteria, and together develop a compelling message to attract talent. We compel our clients to work with us, (which leads me to the next C), through Collaboration.

Collaboration. What does collaboration mean to us? It means accountability. We’re an open book and transparency strengthens our partnerships with our clients which in turn enhances our results. How do we do this?

  • We establish weekly status meetings to provide regular updates on the progress of our search.
  • We capture all of our recruiting activities in a candidate database tracker that houses all identified talent to-date.
  • We discuss challenges, offer solutions, and make research-based recommendations to ensure the search is on-target and on-budget.

Cost-Effective. This is where the value comes in and why we’re Changing the Face of Recruiting one client at-a-time. Not only are we saving our clients over 75% compared to the typical contingent recruiting model, you’re also getting it smarter and faster! At the completion of every project, our clients own all of our research which includes the candidate database tracker with all identified talent to-date. In conclusion, our clients receive:

  • The candidate of their dreams.
  • Our comprehensive research that we captured along the way.
  • Amazing cost-savings.

That’s what we call intelligent results at extraordinary savings. Go ahead and drop me a line at jennifer.seefeld@titustalent.com to schedule a time for a free consult today!

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