Beyond The Background Check

By: Ben Murphy


Have you ever had the situation where, after 30 days, a new hire who was the ‘perfect fit’ on paper, wasn’t such a good fit after all?

There’s a lot of companies need to do beyond traditional background checks to ensure they’re making the best hiring decisions. With workforce quality an increasing predictor of business success, there’s nothing more important than making top talent hiring decisions based on the right information.

Does your organization take its vetting process ‘beyond the background check’ with the following smart talent strategies?

  1. How far beyond the background check does your vetting process go? Develop a process across all departments to ensure consistent execution of traditional vetting.
  2. Define your organizational culture so it can be conveyed in hiring interviews to help ensure offers are made only to candidates with the best fit
  3. Understand the temperament and personality of the hiring manager − and even the department the new hire will join − to ensure candidate personalities are assessed and matched appropriately.
  4. Create a standardized strategy to assess beyond the resume, including soft skills, aptitudes, instincts and emotional intelligence.
  5. Engage your team in recruiter training to ensure they can vet candidates beyond skills and experience in order to put the right person in the right job.

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